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Asthma out of control and in hospital (advice pls)

I have spent 20 days out of the last 27 in hospital with my asthma but it's different to normal ad I haven't been hospitalised for over 5 yrs

My symptoms are heartbeat 120 on resting and the feeling like somebody is sitting on my chest ad it's hard to breath ... My bp is raised ...but my SATs are 97-99

I am currently on 30mg prednisone , 2 puffs twice a day of flixotine and symbicort 400 plus started yesterday sprivia 18mg ...I had a lung function test today th day doing it said that everything was lower then expected but it wud need a dr to review it

I am needing nebuliser about every 4-6 hrs and under new changes since being I'll last they won't let me go home until I don't needed nebuliser at all ...

Does anybody have any suggestion of what I can suggest to the dr to try ? I am baffled normall I have low O2 when I a, poorly ..my chest X-ray as been clear .

Help from a fat n fed up person lol

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i think its hard for anyone to advise as we cant see you. there are things they might try like montelukast and theophylinne which can help some people. but i guess its something you will have to discuss with your consultant. dont know enough about your meds - i didnt know any of yours were a long acting reliever - but im sure one must be!


sounds like me when I have a chest infection - only I dont have the normal 'markers' of infection. I dont produce any sputum and dont have a raging temperature (my normal temp is 2 degrees below 'normal'). I also dont show up much on X-ray as my asthma goes pete tong way before infection seriously sets in. IV antibiotics usually sort me out rather quickly and then all the asthma treatment can be stepped down.

Lynda :)


Dr came today and seems to think I am improving if I am honest yeah I can breath about 6 hrs without needing my reliver ...but it doesn't seem to help then I end up on nebuliser .. My long acting reliver is the symbicort and then I have a sabutimol also - thanks for replys

Lynda this what Is worrying me that I have an infection and they have missed it .. When I leave I don't wanna be back

Thanks again



I'm like Lynda in that my lungs will kick off at the very first sign of infection but it won't always show on xrays as it so early on in the life of the infection but my blood tests will show that I have an infection.

I'm assuming the hospital have done blood tests to check for signs of infection?



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