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Maxajuana has posted this

""Please sign and share this petition to get free medicine as an asthma sufferer!!

It's been too long that we have had to spend so much when asthma is a life threatening illness and treated as though it's not.

Please sign and share as much as possible!!!""

in five different posts. As it's been reported by several people, multiple posts and irrelevant, I have deleted all but the first.

It's a petition rather than a survey, I have not suspended them after the last one.

Is this something we should consider for including in terms and conditions?

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All bets are off as far as petitions are concerned - the chief exec took care of that when the ""tin foil hat"" brigade were allowed to publicise their petition.

The T&Cs specifically prohibit multiple posting of the same thing in different places, so an official warning would be appropriate.


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