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Oral thrush/hoarse voice

Hi everyone,

I have kept my daughter on 3 or 4 puffs morning & night of her flixotide preventer since the week before Christmas. Compared to her usual bouts (which were every other week and horrendous!), she sailed through a cold mid Jan, and *touch wood* has been quite even-keeled since Christmas.

However, she's been really hoarse sounding for about a month now and has just finished a course of Nystatin to treat oral thrush. I know the hoarseness and thrush can be side effects of inhalers. What can I do to help get rid of it? She finished her Nystatin yesterday, and today is hoarse again. I'm now wondering if the 2 go hand in hand? Is the thrush perhaps not quite cleared up?

She uses aerochamber and has a drink of water to swish around her mouth right after taking her inhaler - she does swallow the water - should I try to teach her to spit it out? Would it make a difference?

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Hi Fiona

I am on two steroid inhalers, so despite rinsing my mouth out, my voice used to take a real battering, I sounded like Rod Stewart LOL (Im female!). I was told quite firmly by the consultant and nurse specialist that a drink does nothing - in fact it makes it worse, as you are swallowing all that deposited steroid from the oral cavity. Rinsing and spitting out is better - but what is best, is that she gargles with water and spits. This clears it from the throat, and not just the mouth.

Hope that helps

Lynda :)


I cant gargle - what i do is rinse, then drink, then brush my teeth

is the drinking part wrong???


Soph - don't drink - as Lynda says - if you rinse and drink you'll end up giving yourself an extra dose of oral steroids - a certain amount of the steroid in the inhaler is deposited in the mouth rather than the lungs. If you rinse and *swallow* it all goes down into the gut where it gets absorbed as systemic oral steroids.


awww! that is soooo annoying! now im gonna have to get out of bed to do my morning meds - this is bound to affect compliance - i had JUST got my sytem sorted so i was being really good :-( i HATE asthma!!!


Why? all you need is an empty cup so you can gargle and spit into it..


because i would definately end up drinking my spat out water if i did that - and that would be gross! and i dont have water by my bed, i drink lemonade so would have to get up i know its a silly thing to complain about - i was just happy with my old sytem and disapointed that i cant stick with it!


Sorry for not having come back to this in so long. Thanks for the replies, I'll try to encourage her to start spitting.


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