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Totally OT want a rant!!!!

What sort of stupid incompetent garage doesn't have everyone it needs on site and can't even run diagnostics without 2 days' notice!?!?!?!?!?!!?

KwikFit - that's who!!!!!!!

I got a deal for a cheap MoT at the above-mentioned incompetents so foolishly took my car there this morning. Put it in at 9am i rang them (they didn't even ring me!) at about 11.45. Unsurprisingly it failed, on 2 points. The failure doesn't bother me what does bother me is that one of the points was the exhaust ""there's too much smoke for a turbo engine"". OK, fair enough - sort it out. Oh no, ""there's obviously something wrong in the engine so we'll have to get our master technician to run diagnostics"" THIS is where it gets stupid - the master techncician works across 12 branches so ""we'll have to see when he can fit it in""

They ring me back 2 hours later - WEDNESDAY is the earliest he can do it!!!!

Unfortunately for me the MoT due date is today (school holidays dictate when i can put it in) so that means i actually am not allowed to drive my car now until it has been fixed, retested and passed!! And of course wednesday morning its being diagnosed god help me if parts need ordering etc

Tomorrow i'm working somewhere about 12 miles from home (Yes i'm a teacher, yes it's half term but it's an extra-curricular day), so to get to work i have to leave 90 minutes before i have to be at the school at it will cost me at least £6-7 to get to and from work! So much for a bit of extra money by working a day in the holiday!!


and breathe!


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