Things to do while stuck at home

I'm 17, and it's half term but I'm spending most of my time on the settee cause my asthma's so bad- can't go to work at the moment either.

Usually I make little models out of clay, but yesterday I tried and everything was too dusty so I had to give up ):

Obviously I can't really leave my house, I'm sick of TV and everyone in my household will be out for most of the day.

Any ideas? Soooo bored!

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  • I've just had 3 weeks of sofa surfing because of asthma and a little Disney game online called Ghosts of Mistwood saved my sanity! It is free, although you can pay out for things if you choose to.

  • How about wrapping a thin cotton scarf over your face while you make your models? Would this be enough to keep the dust out?

  • Depending on how your asthma react's to fine powder.

    How about baking? I find as long as I go carefully and slowly. I can manage to get through the dry ingredient stage easily. Also if you use a mixture, you can just place a towel over the bowl (away from the moving parts) so you don't get a face full of flour.

  • Reading? Theres a never ending supply of books...

  • How about other forms of arts and crafts? You could try making birthday cards or masks for kids or just decorating exercise books/folders?

    Reading is great for me or if im not feeling up to reading i listen to stuff. I have various audio cds. Also have downloaded mark steel from his website marksteelinfo

    Hope you feel better soon! What a rubbish way to spend half term. Why do we always get ill in the hols? Typical!

    Rose xx

  • Reading is always top for me (Amazon is the instrument of the devil because I keep having to buy new books and even though I've now got a huge backlog I can't stop buying more), but if I'm feeling really rough it's the radio or audiobooks as they're easier to deal with.

    Idiot internet / pc games are good when your brain has gone fuzzy.

  • Idiot internet / pc games are good when your brain has gone fuzzy.

    ha ha ha that's what I find myself doing when my asthma is playing up. My kids tablet is in constant use during the night at the minute when I can't sleep.

  • Haha I've read sooo many books this week! Thanks all :3 x

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