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Doctors being useless!!!

Hi there this is my first time on this forum & obviously first time posting.

My 3year old son has had a constant night cough since before he turned 2, it wasn't too big a deal until just before he turned 3 he got a lung infection. Ever since them his cough has caused many, many sleepless nights. After months going backwards & forwards to docs they eventually gave me a blue inhaler for him (this was also after another 2chest infections). The blue inhaler initially helped at night for first two weeks but seems to not be working aswel as before & I'm now back to sleepless nights & constantly giving him calpol to help him sleep. I have been back to docs & they won't give him the brown inhaler & keep telling me it's viral. I'm beginning to loose the plot with the doctors as nobody will listen & it's affecting our home lives as his coughing also wakes my 5year old daughter who has school. He's back to sleeping during day as coughing doesn't seem so bad then but I have noticed change in weather affects him.

I was just wondering if anybody had any advice on how to get the doctors to listen or what to do to help my son as I'm at a loss now. Thank you in advance x

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Hi Clare :0)

I know it can be incredibly stressful and my asthma used to give me so many sleepless/restless nights when I was a little one. If your little one is going through a particularly bad spell, which is especially common during the colder months of the year, then I have always found that vapourizers are a godsend. Calpol do a plug-in one, which works quite well with my own little bubba. It's also a good idea to make sure you are using anti-allergy bedding and vacuum the mattress regularly to keep it safe and clean (sounds barmy, I know, but trust me). It does sound as if a preventer inhaler is what's needed though, so I would go back to the doctors and persist until you are able to see someone who takes you and your child's symptoms seriously. It is not right for it to be going on for that long. I'd also keep a diary of the symptoms over the next couple of weeks so that you have a physical record to show the GP of what is going on.

Natalie x


p.s. persistence pays!


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