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Slimming World

Evening All :0)

For anyone who's interested/knows of anyone who may be interested, I've just set up a Facebook Group called 'My Slimming World Diary'. Here's what it's all about:

""This is 'My Slimming World Diary', which is designed to provide an open and honest account of my weight loss journey with Slimming World. Hopefully, and eventually, from Slimming World Member to Slimming World Consultant too. I'm hoping this group will help to inspire others to begin their own weight loss journeys with the support of Slimming World and other like-minded individuals. It doesn't matter whether you want to take the fast-track route to slimming success or a more scenic, leisurely route to long-term weight loss. If you're not even sure whether or not you're ready to lose weight yet, that's okay too. Together, we really can do it!""

It would be fab to build up our own little weight loss community, so please spread the word!

Many Thanks!

Natalie x

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