Has anyone had any experience with DSA for asthma? I am spending so much time in hospital that its a real issue keeping up at the moment. I am working really hard and perhaps pushing myself too far coz there is this one woman at my uni who seems keen for me to drop out! sigh! But i just wondered what kinds of things they could give that would help me keep up. I know i really struggle to concentrate when i force myself to go to a lecture when i really cant breathe/have had a long night etc. Just not sure what they might do?

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  • Im not sure how relevant any of this is to your current situation or the services offered at your uni...but I had a lot of help from mine. At different times this included:

    - an email being sent round my teachers that they be more understanding of me being absent/late/asleep in class

    - teachers emailing me their lessons and some of the tests

    - ongoing authorization for absence so i didnt have to bring a ledical cert for every time

    - nominated student in my class who would photocopy/email notes of what i missed. Free use of office photocopier.

    - medical cert for student grant due to my not getting the right amount of credits fast enough

    - use of the infirmary bed to have a quick nap between lectures

    - student helper for getting lunch at the cafeteria (hard to juggle tray with crutches/wheelchair)

    - spare oxygen concentrator and cylinders in infirmary as a whole day on 2l was not possible

    Like I said not sure if any of this is relevant. But basically I told them my problems and they did everything they could to find a solution.

    Hoping things go well for you. Take care.

    Rose xx

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