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Just wondering what other peoples experiences are with theophylline. I've learnt so much from you lovely people, but a little more would really help me.

How quickly did it have a positive effect (once you reached a theraputic dose)?

Did things keep improving for a while after this?

Was it a big difference or quite subtle?

Did it lessen frequency of exacerbations or make them less severe?

Is this the thing that's controlled your asthma and allowed you to get back to a normal/near normal life?

I started Uniphyllin a month ago and in the last few days/week I've noticed some very subtle differences in pf and symptoms for the better. I have no idea if it's the Uniphyllin doing its thing or if it's just a good patch between normal stuff, guess I'll have to wait a while to find out. I have had an increase in best pf flow of +25(not so subtle)!! I'm really happy about this, but also finding it hard to believe that my asthma might be getting better after it's been squiffy for quite some time and was just getting used to/accepting the fact that asthma was something that would affect nearly everything I do. What I'm really hoping for is that everytime I come across a virus is that I don't have to take bucket loads of ventolin and pred.

I hope everyone else is doing well xx

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I found an instant difference! I have never had my levels checked and must ask my GP about it. I am on 200mg uniphyllin continus twice a day. Along with high doses of Symbicort and acid reflux meds it helped me turn the corner after months of very difficult symptoms.


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