worse after using inhaler?!

Hi all :)

I've been naughty and forgot to use my preventer for the past few days (had to hide it and so out of sight out of mind!). I remembered tonight and used it and now I feel worse than I have all day. My chest is tight and I feel like I can't quite breathe deep enough. Is this normal? I did over do it a bit at the gym earlier but haven't suffered too badly for it this afternoon. My pf is about 420, which ie about right.

Is this me being weird or can this happen?

Thanks :)

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  • Sorry you are not feeling well.

    Is this me being weird or can this happen?

    Possibly neither.

    It could be that your lapse in preventer use allowed inflammation to build up which then made you more vulnerable to whatever triggers your asthma.

    The preventer inhaler contains a steriod that reduces inflammation in the lungs and lessens reactivity to triggers. However, it doesn't work immediately. It needs to build up in the system and can taKe some time to make any difference at all - anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

    So until the preventer kicks back in, you may find yourself being more vulnerable to asthma triggers.

    If you continue to have problems it might be wise to call your GP and ask for advice.

  • Thanks Beth :)

    I noticed the same thing after I used it this morning (put a sticker on my mirror so I don't forget :P) I'll keep an eye on when it happens. I am coughing more again, but then I've had this cough since November so I'm not blaming it too much on my lac of inhaler usage. I have been out in the cold though all day house hunting so hopefully been back inside will help.

    Guess I'll have to go easy at the gym tomorrow!!

    Thanks :)

  • sorry i can't offer any help i'm just curious as to why you had to hide your inhaler?

  • sorry i can't offer any help i'm just curious as to why you had to hide your inhaler?

    I went home and small children were around who enjoy playing with everything they can get their hands on! Haha I wasn't being too weird :P

  • ahhh ok, that makes sense. I don't spend time with tiddlers so didn't think of it

  • Years ago (20+), when I was first diagnosed there was much talk about preventers triggering asthma and it was usual to take the reliever 15 minutes before preventer partly to prevent this and partly to open the airways to inhale the maximum dose of preventer.

    Maybe because you have missed some days of your preventer your airways are extra sensitive and reacting to more things. I would be tempted to try taking a puff of reliever 10 - 15 minutes before the preventer for a week while your airways calm down again. If this doesn't work I would see GP or asthma nurse.

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