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Hi I've just found these and they are such a good idea, you can clip your inhaler to your key ring or lanyard or handbag or rucksack etc etc

You can buy them or make them if you can crochet or know someone who can crochet. It takes just a wee while probably less than an hour to make one.

I've written a free pattern available here: stitchingandhookingpassions... or you can buy one by googling BEAG inhaler cosy or see link on the blog above.

Hope this helps someone.

Ps if you need to learn to crochet I can help/ advise on that too. Very relaxing and can help with stress.

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Forgot to say : this was basic pattern I am planning kid friendly versions with faces and ears to become cats, bunnies, dogs etc to ''cutefy '' them. These will follow in due course.

Can also be adapted to fit other inhalers such as the Symbicort or Becotide ones and so forth.


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