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crazy / mad

Time for a totally random post LOL

I've had a very energetic weekend and slightly suffered for it.

Yesterday my lungs decided they didn't like the cold weather - from the moment i set foot outside the door.

Unphased i went to my dancing lessn at 2.45, though i got there early and the admin lady thought i was dying with my cough while i sat in the waiting area.

In the evening i then went to a ceilidh and needed my inhaler twice during the night

This morning i did a 10k race, the 2nd half of which we were running into the wind and it was cold and windy :-( I'd had my inhaler before i started and amazingly didn't struggle too much during the actual run but then coughed most of the day since and have had lots of reliever. Seems to have done the trick though cos right now i actually don't feel too bad :-)

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Wow congratulations for the 10k race! Sorry to hear the asthma has been giving you a hard time but good to know it seems to be vetting back under control. Time for plenty of rest now i should think!

Take care.

Rose xx


Woohoo to your lungs for managing all that, good times!!!



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