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Grrr .... not again

Started 2013 with a chest infection on antibiotics and pred, eventually recovered but have a feeling I have another brewing. I've started with a sore throat (just as last month), pf at 60%, asthma symptoms through day needing plenty of ventolin, have a strange taste when I cough and when I can get something to cough up, it's thick and dirty yellow. Trouble is, my first line of defense is to increase Flixotide to 2 puffs twice a day, but I'm still on that dose after last months flare up, so I guess I have no other option than to see GP ;-(

Sorry ... just venting!!

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So sorry to hear youre struggling. Hoping you see gp soon and he can give the chest infection a good old kick up the butt ;-)

Vent away it really does help and feeling down and annoyed defo does not help the asthma i find. Feel for you as am currently with flu and mum threatening to drag gp out on second house call in 5 days lol.

Hoping things improve for you soon. Take care.

Rose xx


Yeah I hope I won't have to wait too long, I prefer one of the GP's so would rather wait to see him.

My friend has just gotten over the flu, it sounded nasty, I don't normally bother with the flu jab but I'm glad I did this year! Hope you get better so you don't need the Gp out again, but don't hesitate if you do need to call them out.

Here we go again, lungs stropping again, feels like they're made of steel I just can't empty them ...think its gonna be a lonnnnnng night


That does sound nasty. Same goes for you to get the help you need when you need it ;-)

I probs will end up seeing gp tomorrow but am worried as i dont know what he will say. First time round was ""normal"" for any infection: add on abxs upped pred and nebs. But second appt is more of a gamble...

Take care.

Rose xx


Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well again.

Very frustrating for things to get better and then fall back again.

Hoping you get a GP appointment quickly - also don't hesitate to tell the nurse that you are requesting an appointment because of an asthma exacerbation and need to know how best to deal with it. They need that information in order to properly prioritize patients and you really belong at the top of the list.


I have an appointment booked for Wednesday with the nice doctor, I did consider asking for an emergency appointment but I don't think things are that bad at the minute.

I had a fairly rubbish night, few attacks and pf dropped to 300 but jumped back up after a good few puffs of Ventolin. But things aren't too bad this morning, pf maintaining at about 390 and only one little attack.


:( Sorry to hear you had a rubbish night. Crossing fingers you can nip this one in the bud and GP can sort you out.


Thanks Philomela!

On to my last ventolin inhaler now so roll on Wednesday so I can stock up! I always keep one spare but have had to start it after draining all my others that are dotted around the place!

PF has been dropping through the day, down to 340 now (best is 570), my chest is sooo sore and my throat feels like I've swallowed razor blades!!


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