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Do any of your children take long term low dose antibiotics??


I was wondering if any of your little ones are on long term antibiotics with regards to their asthma/recurrent chest infections??

My daughter is 4, is on a multitude of inhalers/meds, saline nebs, physio and has also been on maintenance pred for the last 20months. She still has regular infections. She had double pneumonia in Dec and was very poorly, requiring IV's and oxygen. She has just finished another course of azithromycin for yet another chest infection. She has an infection most months!!

She regularly complains of pain in her chest and lower ribs. I'm just wondering if long term antibiotics are the way to go?? We tried them a couple of yrs ago and it gave her an upset tum but we now use diff antibiotics (with no side effects) for the usual courses so wondering if we should be trying those as a long term lower dose alternative??

Do any of your children take them and are they helpful?? It's so hard isn't it!! Just searching for that magic answer that makes it better and eases that worry!! :-((

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Hi Emily,

My little man is 3 1/2 and he is very similar to your daughter as I think we have said in the past?? He has been on clarithromycin since he was 6 months old daily for maintainance therapy, the doctors tried to bring him off last summer and he crashed and was admitted to high dependency within 2 weeks of stopping, needless to say he was quickly restarted on it and pead says not going to be stopped again until much older. He is much better on it than without it and the side effects are better than the chest infections. He does get stomach cramps, no sleep and irritability but I am not sure which meds are to blame for this. hope i have helped a little and message me if you want. xx


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