Concerns about GP appointment tomorrow

I have an appointment to see my GP in the morning, the concerns I have is that I think he might admit me to my local hospital because he is aware that I have been struggling quite a lot over the last few weeks, he knows I am on maximum medication and I've had to use my home neb a lot more this has not been helped because I went down with a head cold which then went to my chest so now I am trying to get rid of chest infection and yes I am coughing up nasty brown stuff. I am on 40mg (8 tablets at 5mg) of prednisolone and Clarithromycin antibiotics

I really do not want to be admitted to hospital because I have two immediate family birthday celebrations to attend over the next couple of weekends and then in two weeks I am being admitted into RBH for them to continue my prednisolone wean, that should be interesting seeing that they are not aware that my prednisolone dosage has gone up again.

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  • Sorry to hear that youre struggling so much at the moment. Theres not much you can do if gp thinks you need admitting its probs best to go with his judgment and better be safe than sorry. Regarding the pred problem maybe you could ask gp to contact rbh or you could?

    Hoping things improve for you soon and that you avoid capture within reason.

    Rose xx

  • awww! thats really rubbish! how did it go this morning? hope you managed to avoid costa, and that your GP came up with some suggestions to get you feeling a bit better asap! But as rose said, if you need to be in, you need to be in (and i need people to point this out to me a lot) and its better to be in for a few days now than when you get really really ill and end up needing to stay and be mended for a long time! Im sure RBH will be used to people going up and down in between weaning, make sure your GP lets them know whats going on! sending hugs and nebs!

  • Awwww asthmagirl that sucks big style :-(

    I know you hate being in (who actually!?!) but as rose said its in.for a.few.days tp be.stabilised than.end an emergency and in for longer.

    Hugs x

  • Thanks for your replies.

    My GP is very kind and and totally understands the struggles people have to cope with living with asthma, he did mention going to hospital but said that on this occassion he will not admit me, thankfully my peak flow this morning was in my yellow zone my oxygen sats were not too bad either but I was told that if thing do not improve sufficiently this week then he will definately admit me to hospital.

  • Glad youve got such a kind and understanding gp. It does make life so much easier. Glad you managed to avoid cozsta for now and hope things improve for youz soon.

    Rose xx

  • Glad to hear that your GP let you go home in peace.

    There was a phase earlier this fall when my GP was making hosta rumblings. Mostly I think in my case he just wasn't sure of what to make of his formerly healthy patient suddenly having asthma that just wasn't responding to much. Fortunately, he stopped being quite so worried but I didn't like it much to be wondering if i would be going home each time I saw him.

    Hope things start improving soon for you.

  • I'm glad you've managed to avoid costa. It is much better having your home comforts when struggling if you can manage on your own. I hope you ge rid of the chest infection quickly and can wean the Pred. xx

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