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poorly again- from cats


does anyone else have children that suffer from animal allergies badly?

What do you do when they react?How do you deal with the reactions...

we have a medicine to give before we expose him to cats,then use it after, but its not working ending up at out of hours today with him, from a reaction yesterday...

its a nightmare, his best friend had his birthday was yesterday and my son was desperate to go to the party at his house, he was only there two hours and was all antihistamined up and its not worked and now his asthma is bad again,

should I try and see ped quicker or maybe call the asthma nurse...

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I've had this problem with my son, his consultant changed his antihistamine syrup and added in a nasal spray, this has made a huge difference and he is able to tolerate things like cats.

Hope you get it sorted out.



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