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Not again totally fed up

I was doing very well with my Prednisolone wean last July/August I was on 60mg 12 tablets (5mg in each tablet) gradually this was reduced down with the help of my respiratory team to 12.5mg everything was going ok, yes, I was experiencing some side effects because of the steroid reduction but I was coping with them thanks to very strong painkillers etc.

Well, at begining of January I had to attend my asthma clinic out patients appointment which went well apart from a few days later I started with a head cold (not surprised that I went down with a cold because the person sat near me in out patients waiting room was coughing and blowing nose all the time) as you can imagine this upset my chest, peak flow dropped into my red zone and seemed to want to stay there even though my GP told me to increase my preventer to 2 puffs three times a day, anyway, things did not improve much so GP told me to increase my preventer to 2 puffs 4 times a day, this did help a little bit by getting my peak flow into my yellow zone, still not great I realise that but at least it was heading in the right direction, so I thought, anyway, the head cold went to my chest.

I am really struggling and my peak flow took a nose dive and went back into my red zone, my GP told me to increase my Prednisolone to 40mg 8 tablets and I am also back on antibotics, I worked so hard to reduce the prednisolone down over the last few months that I can not help feeling down hearted at the moment it just seems as if it was for nothing.

Thanks for reading this message, just needed to have a little moan that's all.

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Awwww! that's really rubbish - i'm so sorry! i'm trying to get my pred down at the moment, its not taken me so long but i get really grumpy when it's pushed back up! will they be able todo a short course of the high stuff, then drop you back to where you'd got to before? i dont really understand how it works with long term steroids! fingers crossed this is just a little bump with the chest infection and you'll pick up with antib's and pred! then things can get back on track! sending lots of hugs!


Asthmagirl, i totally know how you feel!!

I had got down to 17mg when a chest infection that just wouldn't shift landed me in resus about 4 weeks ago and back up to 40mg of pred :( i was more frustrated at that than anything else!!

I've managed to get myself back down to 17mg as of a couple of days ago but boy am i paying the price.

I suppose what i'm trying to say is dont give up on the wean, i found i was able to drop quite quickly back down to 20mg this time so who knows, maybe you will not struggle so much to get back down again?

Fingers x for you!



Like others have said, hopefully you can treat the 40mg as a short course and drop back down quickly. Lots of hugs for you, I hope you're rid of the chest infection quickly. Xx


Sorry to hear that rubbish chest inf is back again. I know what its like pred wise as have been going up anxd down several times over the last few months but there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Hugs for you.

Rose xx


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