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My child doesn't deserve this :-(

I have a 3 year old daughter who has had a cough since last September. I kept taking her to the doctors , who kept saying she had a virus.

November she had a chest infection whilst we were on our first family holiday abroad (the Tunisian doctor diagnosed her) since then we have had 2 overnight visits to hospital each within 3 weeks of each other. After being out on steroids she became much better. But now were back to the same old coughing every night. I get no sleep, i worry she has very broken sleep, I no longer know what to do. I took her to the doctors yesterday they said to keep going she is fine! How can this be!! Please help she doesn't deserve to feel like this and I'm starting to go crazy and feel like I can't cope . Any advice is better than what the doctors have given me!

Thank you in advance

Mum of a sweet little princess, 3 x

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I really feel for you, my son was 1 and a half and went through the same thing.. hospital admissions coughing, almost the same situation.. It was the hospital who diagnosed asthma with my son. They sent a letter to the drs and told them he needed asthma medication, even then my dr refused..

I asked to see a different dr at the same surgery, amazingly the new dr said the same as the hospital and viola, he got the medication he needed..

Id ask to see a different dr.. they cant leave a 3yr old to suffer like she is, and as a mother whos been there, i never let it drop until i got the help my son needed...

i hope you get some answers..

feel free to message me if you need some support :-)


Thank you! This place is amazing! Everything seems to have been ok. (She says whilst darcie us coughing!!)

I just hope that we can find control and face this head on! I'm pretty new to thus unsure how to message but once again a huge thank you!!!


Its heartbreaking to see our children suffer and have no way of helping them ..Go back to the GP ask for a referal to a specialist... I hope you find something that helps your daughter remmember a Mothers Instinct knows far more then the GP you see it everyday/night you know your child better then anybody keep taking her back till you get answers ...Says me whos son as been like this nearly 3yrs and still not much further ..but knowing this is way i say keep going back xxx


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