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chest and back pains

Hi i was just wondering if anyone else gets my symptons.

I have had asthma late in life for about last dozen years. will keep it short.

sometimes what i get is a right pain in my upper back which feels like my lungs hurt and get a bit of pain in the middle of my chest.

I am normally fine and can breath fine. sometimes i get this after a really mild asthma attack. i am very healthy apart from this and keep fit.

But this pain in my back is horrible and doctor does not know what it is just puts it down to having asthma.


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Sometimes you can get chest/back pain from pulled/tired muscles due to disrupted or abnormal breathing pattern after asthma.

Rose xx


I get chest pain when I push myself too far at the gym- it's the point when I remember the existence of ventolin :P

I know now not to ignore it and I think it comes from tired muscles, like hannahrose said. I know it's not quite the same scenario.

Try using heat or something ot see if the pain goes, if it does then it's probably muscular.


sometimes I get a pain on the right side of my back just above waist height but i have been putting it down to perhaps not sitting properly on the sofa

a night in bed usually cures it

when I am coughing a lot my chest hurts and my head hurts


I developed late onset asthma a few years ago and suffered a couple of severe attacks. I later developed pains in my back and lower chest and suffered sob and low O2 levels which gave me headaches and dizziness. This turned out to be Chronic Eosinophilic Pneumonia!! Best thing to do is ask your GP to send you for x-rays to make sure.


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