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Hopefully we've cracked it (for now anyway)

Today is approx day 3 or 4 of my little girl having a cold, usually this is what triggers the asthma, and it's horrible, like 2 nights of no sleep, coughing, gagging (last time she was being sick due to coughing/gagging), then it loosens up and we have another few wakeful nights of mucus coughing.

Upon reading on here & speaking to the helpine then to my Dr, I have kept her on the highest dose of her flixotide since her last cold a month ago.... this week the asthma hasn't even peeped its ugly head once.

I work as a childminder so colds come into our house every week. I plan to keep her on 4 puffs twice a day or min of 3 puffs (she was on 3 puffs x 2, until last week when the sniffles started and I upped her to 4 again), I pray this keeps her on an even keel until the milder weather/less germs.

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That's really good news :) I hope we will reach that stage soon. X


Great news. Hope it stays that way.


Hi FionaM

I hope your daughter is well. How old is she? My sister had asthma really bad. Put on seriously strong meds from the age of 1! Would you consider a natural alternative? Im new to this site so if its allowed here is my number removed by moderator

Take care, Talyena


I got a ahead of myself:( she was coughing last night although not a patch on what she was like last time. However she is coughing this morning and usually never coughs once she's up. *sigh*


Tbrown, I don't think so, thanks!


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