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Hospital Car Park Now Charging Disabled :-(


I have been to my hospital today to see my consultant and they now have a new parking payment system.

Usually there is a Disabled car park which has been free for disabled/blue badge holders.

HOWEVER, now they are charging the disabled/blue badge holders which I think is terrible. I for one sometimes have to go every week and the minimum charge is £3 for the first 2 hours - I think this is outrageous!!

I telephoned the number and it went through to the security department and they confirmed disabled drivers now have to pay as well! It is the hospital who have implemented this new pay and display system but they would still not have it, even when I said sometimes I have to go there twice a week, every week! That means this could cost me £24 a month and they said that's the new system and if you don't pay then you will get a ticket on your car with a fine! I'm going to complain to PALS about this!

Do other hospitals have a pay and display system for their disabled drivers?

Anyone got any advice for me please?

Regards City Girl :-)

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That does seem very unfair.

My local hospital parking charges are:-

Up to 1 hour - £1.00

Up to 2 hours - £2.00

Up to 4 hours - £3.00

Up 6 hours - £4.00

Up to 24 hours - £5.00 maximum fee

Disabled badge holders - free. Please ensure you display your Blue Badge.

Cars that ‘enter’ between 19:50 and 05:59 inclusive stay free (regardless of time of exit).This is to ensure that night shift workers and visitors can park safely next to the buildings.

I think you should complain City Girl.

Hope you are keeping OK.


My local dont charge for disabled but usually cant get into the disabled parking. Southampton though charge disabled.

Are you on ESA? or have a HC2 as you can get travel expenses inculding parking back


Free parking for all at my local hospital.


My local hospital (Bournemouth) has recently started charging blue badge holders too.


Ours charges disabled for one hour per day no matter how long they are there.


Blue badge holders are free at out local hospital too, provided they are parked in the disabled bays which are very well policed to ensure only disabled people use them. However, I'm a member of staff and I have to pay to park! (bot blue badge holder mind)

At our hospital if you are visitng often, you can apply for a monthly permit coating £10 which is well worth the money given its £1.50 per hour. Maybe you could ask if your hospital offer these?


Thanks for your replies on your local hospital parking.

I have since found out there are concessions ONLY for renal patients who go in 3 times a week for dialysis long term and also CF patients as they are in and out all the time long term.

So no concessions for blue bade holders, asthmatics or anyone else. They just said I HAVE to pay £3 each visit otherwise I'll get a ticket!! They said the hospital need to make more money!! Thieving robbers if you ask me!


I too have a blue badge, at the mo, My hosp is free parking for disabled but I can't always get a parking space. (Still free if I park in a normal space)

To be honest, A blue badge should be more about being able to park in an accessible place and close to facilities that the cost of parking. It is costly and this should be taken into account.......... perhaps pay at a reduced rate? Also regulars at a hospital should be able to get something like a month ticket or season ticket etc...

Many people who do have a blue badge are on a low income but not everyone is and a blanket no pay policy for everyone who has a blue badge could cause more misuse.

Blue badges are misused & stolen a lot because people think they can get free parking.

Just my thoughts.



Well written Kate Moss and you have beaten me to it, because I would have written something similar!


Kate and Katina you both beat me to it lol - I completely agree!

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