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Work - 'Temporary' Trigger - Expected to still work

A rather unusual one here.

A temporary trigger for me is in place this week at work - employer's fully aware. Had problems the two days of this week. Asked for alternative working arrangements for reaminder of week - declined (I think because manager is flexing muscles, but I have the ability to work remotely & do at other times).

Consequently, horrific night with chest Monday and Tuesday. Major attack today.

Any advice about where I stand? Stay home sick now for rest of week - with this added to my sick leave or again be forced to attend with a known trigger? Surely this is discriminatory and against well-being etc my employer has a duty to maintain?

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hard to comment specifically as I dont know your role or where you work - but under the DDA your employer has a duty to you. It sounds like you shouldnt be at work with your current state of health and I would advise you to discuss the situation fully with your GP ASAP - he can give you a sick note if he feels you should not be at work in the circumstances.

My advice, if you are in one, is to contact your union for support. Do you have occupational health - can you be referred to Occ Health? They are very supportive in these kinds of instances.



I am sure your employer has a duty of care not to put you at risk in such circumstances, sounds to me that he is indeed flexing his muscles (or hers?). Unfortunately it can be such a long winded process trying to sort it all out that the situation is over before you get s resolution in place!!

Do you have a union you can ask for advice? Or HR policies that you can examine? There will be something in there I'm sure. It seems to me that if you have the ability to work remotely at other times there is no reason why you shouldn't here.

Is there a reason why you can't add it to your sick time - are you on a warning for taking a lot of time? If not I would say if your manager still refuses to be reasonable, take it as sick - and take your time recovering afterwards! This sort of thing makes me so cross xx


Do you have an hr department? I've found in the past that although a manager may feel the need to 'flex their muscles' like tours is that if I then have a quick chat with hr 'just to.check' that they are horrified by said managers actions and the issue is resolved.

To force you to work in an environment which has known triggers means they are not taking duty of care.

Good luck.


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