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Whew, quite the month

Dec 29th, I took sick with bronchitis and costochondritis (rib cage inflammation). Costochondritis makes regular bronchitis seems like a walk in the park. Then, 2 weeks later, I developed pneumonia. Fun times.

I was on bed for a full week except for a half day of work I dragged myself in for at my manager's begging (the person who usually covers me was off sick too). Then I was pretty sick for a week but back to work (at least 2 of those days I would have normally called in sick). Then another week of getting to work, but only able to do minimal activities in the evening. This week, I've been starting to get back to my regular activities, although reduced. For example, I went to my chorus rehearsal but didn't stand on the risers or sing. Last night we went out to dinner and that knocked me out afterwards.

Thankfully, I was already taking Advair (which I think is Seretide in the UK? I'm Canadian) so I didn't have to wait for that to kick in. Now on top of that, I'm using Alvesco (which I think is the same name in the UK) until the cough improves (it still hurts to cough and breathe. I still have hefty pain killers too.

Maybe by spring I might be feeling normal?

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You poor thing you really have had a rough time of it haven't you, I do hope things improve for you soon.


Triple ouch! :-S

I will say take it easy.... My husband had pneumonia last year and it took him 6 weeks to recover so pls don't rush things.

He was warned that if he didn't recuperate properly he was likely to have a relapse.

Hope you keep feeling better and better xx


That sounds miserable. Hope things feel better soon.


Sorry to hear youre going through such a rough time at the moment. Hope things improve for you and you feeel better soon.

Rose xx


I hope you keep improving and you're back to your normal things soon, but do take it easy on the way.


Well, it still hurts to breathe and cough, but I'm taking it one day at a time. I tried taking the stairs at work (2nd floor of a warehouse, so about 3 flights) on Monday, but that was a bad idea. It's actually more walking to take the lift, but less effort. I've been taking the stairs down, just not up. I'm at nearly 5 weeks now and when I saw my own physcian on the 11th (2 weeks into this), he told me to expect at least another month of recovery. It's really really hard to be patient, but I'm trying.


Still hanging in there. He's keeping me on the Alvesco and added montelukast for 6 weeks with instructions to not get pregnant while taking the latter. I still have no stamina and my cough got worse and worse. Fun times. The chest x-ray looks good though, so happy about that.


Glad the xrays look better if nothing else!! Take it easy (where possible) xxx


It's good to hear your chest xray is clear. I hope the montelukast helps you get better control. x


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