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Sensation that something is stuck?

Hi again,

I've had the worst rattling in my chest the last few days. Right in the center. I took a bunch of reflux medications hoping that would help some, but not much luck. I know I have a problem with my trachea/esophagus in that area where my esophagus is a bit narrowed and my trachea has a soft spot on it, so this might just be me with my weird anatomy.

But when I'm really sick, I cough and cough, until I eventually cough up some nasty looking mucus thing. Then it gets better. But it takes days, and my ribs are killing me! That and the rattling is a bit un-nerving.

Does anyone else get this when they are in the middle of a flare? Or am I just lucky?


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Not at present - but a few years back before my wonderful flixonase + symbicort grace period, when I caught a cold, something like that would happen. I'd cough like crazy after the cold and eventually a plasticy chunk would cough up. And then the coughing would be a lot less.

The way I understood it (just my trying to reason things out) was that maybe the thing I was coughing up was a mucus plug and all that awful coughing was my body trying to get rid of it?

In any case, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you are really having a miserable time of it.


Me too, I'm afraid, and usually in the mornings but (thank heavens) not for a couple of years now so I've got my sense of humour back about it. I really feel for you because it's a horrible feeling and I'm just relieved that nobody can see me standing over the sink coughing and spluttering like a cat with a hairball.

I have nothing that will stop it happening, but I always use make a hot drink with Bottlegreen Lemongrass and Ginger cordial to help ease my chest and throat (maybe add a bit of honey as well if you like) and co-codomol for the painful ribs and headache.

I hope it eases off soon.


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