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how specific are antibiotics

I am on flucloxacillin at the moment which is not a 'chest infection type' antibiotic, but is it likely to have a preventative effect with my lungs? I feel as though i am getting a chest infection but REALLY dont like taking antibiotics and the idea of being on more than one makes me want to cry. My past expreience of being on the fluclox is that it often takes two or three courses to get me right, and if i'm getting a chest infection it wont hold off long enough for me to only be on them one at a time. My GP tried to find one that wouldnt interact with my theophylinne but couldn't. I assume there isnt much i can do to prevent getting a chest infection/things that i should particularily avoid?

also, does anyone else find that if they have an infection thats not on their chest it still affects their lungs? currently its my ear thats infected but i'm feeling more 'off' with my breathing. or is it possible that because im on a high dose of steroids, the fact that i feel like ive not got a chest infection yet could be wrong as symptoms could be masked a bit at first?

not sure if any of that makes sense, im absolutely shattered and im useless at writing when im tired! thanks for any insight!

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Theres not a simple answer to that. Some antibiotics are broad spectrum, some are not.. they have different mechanisms of action and target different bacteria. The BNF states flucloxacillin is used as an adjunct in pneumonia, things like ear infection caused by staph, and skin infections such as cellulitis and impetigo. Im fairly certain fluclox isnt broad spectrum.

Have you been able to provide a sputum sample for culture? Thats the best way of trying to get the right antibiotic for your chest - at least the best we have rather than total guesswork..

Im not really understanding the rest of your question... if I get tonsillitis it goes straight to my chest, likewise with upper respiratory infections. Im totally confused as to whether you have a chest infection according to your GP, and why you are prescribed the fluclox LOL... sorry! :)

Lynda - sleep well.. :)


the fluclox is for a cyst on my ear lobe, so not been diagnosed with a chest infection, and i was wondering if my body having to fight 'something' off could affect my breathing?

if i do have a chest infection its still in the early stages just very rattly not bringing much up (lovely image there) but hate feeling like im just waiting to get ill!


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