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long term/maintenance antibiotics


So I had a dermatology cons today. Things seem to be getting very weird. Basically docs dont really know whats going on just that something is definately wrong (I suppose you could say Im in multiorgan failure but I wont let myself entertain that notion too much).

So got the usual new dressing to try (I seem to be allergic to everything...) different steroid cream and different antibiotic cream.

But also got started on maintenance antibiotics (augmentin) because my white cells are consistently over the top.

So my real question is:

Anybody else on maintenance ab? Are there any major side effects that are as well as or worse due to it being long term? Im worried about diarhea as Im missing half my colon so alreasy suffering in that area.

Any ideas appreciated. Sorry i know i keep posting really non asthma related stuff but if one doesnt ask one wont know hey?!

Rose xx

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Im on long term antibiotics i rotate between amoxcillin, doxycyline and azithomycin. I find for first few days when I swap mainly to doxy I feel sick if i dont eat but find I quickly get used to them but then again generally I dont get the side effects from these ones. However I do find when I get infection I cant take any in the same group as they dont work so have to go on the weird ones.


Im also on two permanent ABX - 500mg amoxycillin BD and Azithromycin three times a week. No side effects really. Plus co-amoxiclav for exacerbations

Lynda :)



Im on long tern antibiotics (azythromycin (cant spell)) 250mg daily and ive had no problems at all with it.

The only annoyance if im being honest is telling the doctors not to stop it to start another form at an acute infevtive stage. But thats not a huge hardship!!

Fingers crossed it works out for you, mine has done me wonders as my infections dont last as long and i dont have them as often either!!



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