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Screen wash

Hmmm, bit of a strange request, but I need some advice about screen wash. Every time I use the screen wash on the car it triggers my asthma, fortunately only mildly, but I end up coughing for a little while. This evening it was snowing and there was quite a lot of salty spray on the road which was making the screen fithly so had to wash and wipe often and ended up with a constant cough which was annoying.

Is anyone else triggered by screen wash?? Or am I just weird?

Does anyone know of a frangrance free screen wash that I could use?

Or maybe something I could put in to act as antifreeze??

In the summer I mix washing up liquid with water, but it freezes in the winter, so have to use the proper stuff with antifreeze in it.

Thank you x.

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I'm the same I'm afraid (also, exhaust fumes, smoke from fires in people's gardens, tarmac from roadworks etc.

I now drive with a cotton scarf around my neck so that when I have to use screen wash I just pop it over my mouth and nose befo I squirt it.

Pain I know but better than an attack!



Ah, good idea Angelica. I'm the same with the things you mentioned. It really gets me when they're laying anti skid surface, urch.


Turn off all the vents into the car when you use it....

I had a huge problem in Sept when my car was serviced and they kindly topped up my washer fluid for me with some really stinky perfumed stuff.... I triggered an attack and I felt sick.

I had to drive back to the garage with windows open.

They admitted it was strong and pumped it all out for me...

They also called amb when I had a severe attack and keeled over... they won't be topping it up next time! LOL!

I use Tesco's neat stuff and dilute it myself though in winter it has to be 50:50 to prevent it freezing.

Find a brand with no perfume and remember, turn off vents in car when you wash...


I bet they're far too scared to top it up again. Thanks, will also shut vents.

Not found a fragrance free brand yet, but am looking.


You won't find a completely smell free one as they have specific cleaning chemicals and antifreeze in them. Otherwise they won't work.....

Halfords blue stuff is OK ish too.

Some fancy ones have perfume in. I can't see the point!



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