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A good experience!

Just thought I would share the good experience I had when I went to the walk in center today, usually I get told it's just a virus here's so pred and antibiotics, only take them if needed. But today the doctor listened to my chest and for once actually heard wheezing, he actually said he could hear me wheezing just sitting next to me! He then said I needed to take pred and antibiotics to help me recover from this flare up, he also said it was probably the cold and infection causing it and not to go to work until I am better.

He was really helpful and for once didn't make me feel like I was wasting there time! It was so nice to see a doctor who actually LISTENED! I just wish they were all like that!


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really pleased you got to see someone decent :-) i think we should start an AUK clinic, and only let good doctors work there and whenever any of us sees a good doc we can reffer them to work at our AUK clinic and then asthmatics only ever HAVE to go see them! :-) sound like a plan?



Glad to hear it, restores your faith a (little) bit :-)


Thanks for sharing ;-) glad you got rhe help you needed and sending hugs for a fast recovery.

Rose xx


yay for good experience! I am with Soph on the clinic - they ARE out there, but sadly not always available. I hope you feel better soon Lejaya and that next time you have to see someone they are just as helpful.

I would like to add the lovely OOH doctor I saw on Monday. I didn't really need to be there but I'd told RBH I was having some difficulties and they said 'can't assess you over the phone, please see someone today to be safe and we'll fit you into clinic on Wed'.

Of course, since it didn't really matter that much what the OOH dr was saying as I was going to clinic on Wed anyway and wasn't too bad at the time, the doctor was lovely and actually listened to what I said about not wheezing and PF not always being the best guide and actually had a proper discussion with me about what I would like. Why did I never meet him when I was really struggling at night and didn't have 'back-up'?


I think that's a very good idea soph! then we would always see someone who listens to us even when our chests do sound clear!


Glad to hear you had a good experience and thank-you for reminding us that it does happen!


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