Update on Thomas's Op


Well Thomas is out from his op he's on oxygen at the moment as his levels are low. He's only had grommets turns out his adenoids aren't inflamed. I feel really disappointed as the theory was his asthma was so bad because he mouth breathed because of adenoid problems. I was hoping because of what we had been told removal of the adenoids would really improve his problems. As its not that not sure what now as guessing it just means he has really bad asthma :(

X x

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  • Sorry to hear the disappointment. Hoping all goes well with post op.

  • I just spotted this post after replying to your other one.

    Sorry to hear it didn't go as planned :( It's awful watching your baby suffer so bad :(

  • We are home now he seems okish for now so just have to see how things go. I just have a million more questions now and my slight positive attitude I had has completely disappeared as dont have that chance of improvement I was so hoping for.

  • I'm sorry to hear this Jenny, hugs xxx

  • Sorry things are looking difficult for you at the mo. Hope Thomas continues to improve.

    Rose xx

  • Glad to hear it went well but sorry to hear about the adenoids. I'm disappointed for you as I know you were hoping it'd help him if he had them removed especially with his mouth breathing.

  • It's just a disappointment when so many doctors and nurses had said what a difference having his adenoids would make to his asthma. It's frustrating for our family that despite all his medications it doesn't seem to prevent Thomas's attacks and that he is still ending up on steroids and having hospital admissions frequently. He seems to pick up any colds, coughs, viruses etc going and no matter how minor they are for other people it turns into a mega problem for him. So now the adenoids causing mouth breathing which makes his asthma as bad as it is has been disproved what exactly is causing it?

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