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Should I be taking this seriously?

Hi (again!)

I'm not really sure what to do. I went to see my GP last Thursday, he basically said there was nothing more he could do with regards to my asthma and has referred me to a specialist, saying I'd hear from them in the next few weeks. Since then I have been coughing a ridiculous amount, to the point where I'm really struggling to move around at all and not sleeping at night very well. I have a constant feeling of a weight on my chest and struggle to take deep breaths. However, my peak flow is only down to around 450 from 480/500 and I'm not wheezing at all. I'm not sure if it's worth another visit to the GP? My main worry is I can't get into college very easily and am missing quite a few classes, but he did say that there wasn't anything more he could do and I don't want to go all the way to the GP to be sent away with nothing!

Thoughts anyone? :)

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its a bit tricky really. Do you know what you want him to do? do you think you would benefit from a short course of prednisilone? if you want/need/might need that then i'd go back and ask what he thinks. even if he says no you can discuss how much salbutamol you are using, and then can discuss when to ring 999 (especially important when you are going downhill very slowly as it can take a while to notice, and also when peak flow is not a good indicator for you). an uncontrolled asthmatic needing a bit of reassurane and advice is never going to be a waste of time or resources, and certainly less so than someone with a sniffle who wants some antibiotics that they dont need!

as asthmatics i think we often come away from the doctors with a prescription/change of meds/ referral but its important to remember that doctors are also there to give advice and support. if you really dont want to go to the gp you could ring NHS direct although i have noticed a tendency for people to overreact to breathing difficulties when they cant see you face-to-face!

hope you get the refferal soon, and dont forget if you need help its better to get it sooner rather than later (and i'll try to remember that too!!!)

Oh dear sorry youre feeling so rubbish atm.

I agree with soph that a trip to the gp would not be wasted. Possibly some rescue pred or just discussion about how much reliever etc. I sympathize. Ive had a tight chest all day today. Peak flow just above the ""get emergency help"" marker but not really struggling tbh. Just find ut v annoying ;-) but have cons tomorrow so hope you get your referral soon!

Stay safe

Rose xx

How about giving the lovely AUK nurses a call tomorrow on the freephone number?

When i hit a similar stumbling block last year i rang them and they were full of ideas my gp hadn't mentioned to me.

Needless to say, if you deteriorate rapidly get help :)

Thanks everyone :)

The thing is, from what my GP said last time I think he's reluctant to give me anything else - I had two short courses of pred in November/December and whilst they helped a bit, they didn't get me moving around properly or get rid off the cough. However, the idea to go for some support or to discuss reliever/999 did not cross my mind and is a good idea, so if things continue to go downhill I will try that!

Angelica, I've never rung the asthma uk nurses before but have heard lots of good things :) I think I'll give them a call tomorrow if I'm still feeling like this because I am so fed up of being stuck in my room!

Thank you again for the replies :)

the asthma uk nurses are brilliant, do give them a ring :)

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