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how ill are you when asthma is triggered?

Evening all!

Tis the season for coughs and sneezes and tummy bugs and generally feeling run down etc...:-(

So for two weeks my asthma has been suffering but havnt been really ill with anything. (well ok i was in cardio icu most of last week but nothing to do with asthma...)

Just been really tired and sleepy all the time. Other than that some days i have a slight sore throat others feeling achy like i have a temp but dont actually. Sometimes have dirrhea and tummy cramps. All sort of on/off...

I have feeling overly tired as a warning sign of impending asthma attack as its easy to see these thingsbwith hindsight but not at the time...also findvit difficult to tell the difference between normal tiredness and pains from not normal (i have a tumor on my spine have survived a stroke and am missing half my colon) so all these things for me can be something or nothing...

My two brothers recently had a tummy bug and dad now has sore thrpat and people do like to share these things ;-)

Just wondering what you usually do or if i should get in touch with gp.

Stay safe :-)

Rose xx

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I'd contact your GP and let him make the call. I'd say it for the asthma alone, but if you also have cardiac issues, that isn't a combination to play around with.

I HATE calling the GP so often and I totally get not wanting to bother him, but sometimes it really needs to be done.

I also get having trouble with really believing that ""that certain tiredness"" is an asthma sign, but if that's your history, you should listen to it.

As for me: I used to add meds at the start of a cold prophylacticly in hopes of keeping any cold-triggered inflammation at bay. It usually worked (except obviously this time round). As present since the only thing to add is more prednisone, we play it by ear and see what symptoms do or don't develop and change things accordingly. But that also means for me calling the doctor.


Rose, speaking as someone who has been known to fall asleep at work in the middle of transcribing a tape (I know financial services isn't exciting but it's not that boring, honest!) I think you are right to associate tiredness with your asthma. When Dozy the Dormouse comes to stay I always increase my intake of Symbicort because if I don't I find that a couple of days later my PF drops off and I'm in real trouble. When Dozy leaves I reduce my intake again.

On the other hand, I know how you feel about telling your GP that you're tired - it kind of feels as if you're whingeing rather than describing symptoms, doesn't it?

I think Beth is right, have a chat with your GP.



Thanks for the replies everyone.

Did see my gp on thursday and he upped pred and seretide and terbutaline nebs. This morning woke up with sore throat and hoarse voice. My pf was 230 and im supposed to get emergency help at 220. This evening am all the way up to 260 again. For me i only get this morning drop thing when bad. Rolled round to other side of the house this evening (about 10 metres very slightly uphill) then my mum promptly started saying grace and i couldnt join in thanks to wheeze and sob so got a telling off (lol like im still 5)

And to top everything my skin ulcer thats been playing yoyo for 17 months went from reconstruction to destruction again and have had another allergic reaction to the dressing. I managed this one for a whole month. Just in nice time for dermatology cons on thursday. ""cant wait"" for blood test and biopsybresults.

*sigh* sorry general rant and moan ;-)

Stay well

Rose xx


Hannah Rose - you do know that your name ""Hannah""(Channah) is the feminine form of the Hebrew word for ""grace"" (chen)? So just be and it is prayer enough :-)

If ranting makes all this easier to bear - rant away! It is annoying when something so routine and basic becomes a difficulty and those we love fail to understand why. That ulcer also sounds like no fun. You really do seem to have it coming and going.

Glad to hear you went to the doctor after all and that at least the peak flow is climbing up. May it stay that way when you wake. Hoping you sleep well tonight.


Thanks for the etymology lesson and the ranting licence ;-)


It's more than etymology :-) In English, my first and middle names are ""Elizabeth Grace"" and in Hebrew ""Elisheva Hannah"". But also I speak Hebrew, so just part of my life.


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