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genitic asthma now told copd, 62yrs Peak flow 120 HELP!!

Iwas born with one lung working,went to loads of hospitals around South East and Great Ormond st 2-3 times a week for the ""pummelling""!! Dad had Asthma,his Dad had it and his brothers& sister had it( she died at 66 Dad 72) its got worse and worse, I dont get on with Seritide throat/mouth no matter how I rinse,and one side of my face swells!! Ive tried other inhalers same,and tablets, I use Slo-Phylin 125mg and Ventolin, I did have a peak of 300-350 in the 1980s, NEVER smoked cant go near it, im now finding the Ventolin isnt working and its getting scary, Im now 62yr old woman about a 25lb over weight, I need something that works !! I cant be the only one with my history Any New ""Things"" to try Any Guinea Pigs needed !!!

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I'd suggest giving the lovely asthma uk nurses a ring on the free helpline on the number at the top of the page.

They are lovely, knowledgeable and up on all the latest meds etc.

Good luck, xx


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