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bronchial thermoplasty anyone?


ive not been around for a while.. major asthma problems and all that jazz!!

my medication is as follows, are you sitting comfortably!!:

flixotide 250


ventolin inhalers

ventolin nebuliser solution

flixotide nasal spray





and im still struggling and being admitted a few times a week!

I was reffered to the Freemans in Newcastle, as my lung specialist at the local hospital is at a loss as to what to do next.. Dr Higgins at the Freeman has suggested bronchial thermoplasty as nothing else seems to be controlling my asthma and its just getting out of hand, think he said there's not much else he can give me medication wise.

Has anyone had this bronchial thermoplasty procedure done? any feedback?

the hospital have said it may not work but its the last resort for me!!

I also live in a large 3 bed house (council) and am really struggling with stairs, i can literally come down on a morning and not able to go back up even for the toilet at times, but cant be moved as i dont need a flat or bungalow!!

anyone help?

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p.s.. im also getting recurrent chest infections... 3 in a just over a month and a half!


oh bless you :( I dont know much about bronchial thermoplasty as Im not a candidate for it. Would the helpline be able to give you more information?

Lynda :)


Just bumped up a thread in medical that you might fancy a read through


thanks Lynda.. i have to go back to the Freemans on the 24th so see what they say..really struggling with it at the moment but i have another chest infection!!

thanks for taking the time to reply


thanks lou... its really indepth which is what i wanted, not just the once sided bits the leaflets tell you!

thanks for taking the time bumping it for me


I thought one was only eligible for bronchial thermoplasty if youve not had an asthma attack in 6 months? Obviously not your case.

I sympathise with you for the flat. I have a similar problem. Ive been paraplegic for a year now and given up my flat as wheelchair wouldnt fit into the bathroom. Not been given/attribuyed another by authoroties yet...still waiying...moved back in with parents though not much better.

Rose xx


Hi SassyJ. It sounds as if you're having a rough time. I'm sorry I can't help with the bornchial thermoplasty but I may be able to offer a thought about your accommodation.

I also have a council property and about 13 years ago, when my children had left home and my mother wanted to move in with me (yes, I could have let her but then I'd have had to murder her) I went to the council to see what they could offer and to my surprise they were so keen to get hold of 3 bedroomed properties that they found me a one bedroomed ground floor flat in a very nice quiet area, paid my removal expenses and gave me a large sum of money towards curtains and carpets.

I know that most councils are, if anything, evem more desperate for 3 bedroomed properties now and they are in very short supply so you might find that you get some help to move to a smaller property.

Hope you feel better soon.



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