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Hello all,

I hope you're all in good health.

Recently my peak flow meter completely stopped working - not at the best time either - and since I received my new one ( yay for amazon!! ) the readings have been at least 100 below what it usually is.

I've toyed with the notion that it was broken for a while before its stopped working, but that means that the last time my peak flow dropped and the meter showed it at 320 it could have been at 220...

I was wondering if anyone else had found that peak flow readings vary depending on the meter.

Many thanks


ps. I hope you all the best of health in this new year

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  • Peak flow meters indeed vary in the way they are calibrated. you can't necessarily use your numbers from the last meter with this one.

  • I find that especially with the spring system of peak flow keter the spring will gradually become less effective without you noticing it.

  • Oh, yes. The reading from my own meter is always much lower than if I use the meter at the surgery. I don't know which is right, but I insist on using my own at the surgery now, so that it is at least consistent.

  • Do you wash your meter regularly? If you dont, the spring gets 'sticky' and the readings are inaccurate...

    Lynda :)

  • Are the peak flow meters the same scale? From 2004 the peak flow scale was changed from the Wright scale to the EU scale. On the EU scale you will find your predicated peak flow reading will be lower than on the previous wright scale. For example my predicated peak flow on the Wright scale is around 468 but on the EU one it is 419 not that I get anywhere near those lucky to get over 200! Don't know if that helps!

  • Hey,

    Thanks for all of the replies, they've really helped.

    I think that it was due to the sheer age of the thing (it's probably well past it's sell by date)

    the only reason, beside the fact that it broke, that I got another one is because I took some inistutive - being the only asthmatic in the house - and realised that having the same meter for nearly your whole life isn't a good idea. I wish I'd realised this 7 years ago (when I was 10) and got a new one then lol :)

    At least I have a working peak flow meter ( or blowly thing as my cousins call it )

    Many thanks



  • Blowly thing' - love it!

  • How often should you get a new pf meter? I got mine on prescription about 2.5 years ago and I've never cleaned it (oops), might explain the difference between mine and the gps, and why mine gets stuck.

  • mine lasts years, I clean it weekly in hot soapy water though.... ;-p


  • Maybe I ought to give mine a bath :-)

  • Washing regularly is a must, else it gets sticky. Had mine for over five years (when changed from old scale) and it still gives same readings as ones at surgery/A&E.

  • Yes i think one is supposed to wash it weekly and/or after a prolonged period of non use. My health service (France) pays for a new one every two years. So my guess is that that is how long they are generally expected to function properly before needing to be changed?

    Rose xx

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