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advice please

I have been on steriods, anti bots and mycodyene oh and singulair since the 20th december and I am not feeling any better, today is the first day that i have been out of the house and I only went to sainsburys with my mum to pick up my prescriptions and now i feel horrid.

I am having cold sweats and feel like there is loads of cack on my chest its as if everything that I smell sticks to my chest - i know that this sounds crazy.

My back hurts aswell, my peak flow is between 230 - 350 (on a very good day)

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Hi frosty,

That sounds horrid!! With what you're on I would have thought ud feel better by now.

Have you had a chest x ray? If not, I'd say its time for one.....

Take care x


Hi Frosty!

So sorry to hear that youre feeling so yucky at the moment. I would advise that you make another appointment with your GP. You could also try ringing the Asthma UK adviceline (number at the top of th page).

I hope things improve and you start feeling better soon. Do let us know how you get on.

Rose xx


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