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Steroids and antibiotics...what should I do?


I'm new on here, I've had this stupid cough and cold virus that is going about. Went to the doctors today and have been given steroids and antibiotics, the doctor didn't say when to start taking any of them. Should I start taking the steroids straight away or do I wait until the morning as it says on the leaflet in the steroids?

Any advice would be useful, thanks.

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Hi blondie,

I'm not medically trained so I'd follow the advice on the leaflet.

However, from experience I'd say that If you've not had steroids before I would say that most people find it best to take them as the morning as possible as a common side effect is insomnia and the earlier you take.them in the morning the more are to.get some sleep.that night.

Hope they make you feel better soon!



You could phone out of hours or NHS direct/24 for advice.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


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