Nebulisers - Advice required

Hi all

Hope you are all well. I am feeling crap at the moment with this horrible virus doing its rounds.

Touch wood my asthma is not too bad at the moment but i am preparing just in case. On that note can anyone reccommend a good nebuliser. Ones you use or know of a friend or relative that uses one. I have the Omron U22 for travelling with but i require another one for home.

Any thoughs good or bad gratefully received


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  • I personally favour nebs made by Pari, but they can be expensive, my best advice is have a chat to a nebuliser specialist like Evergreen. I have found them to be excellent in every way. the link is below:-

    If it doesn't high light in blue, just copy and paste. Quite a few people on the AUK forums use this company as a supplier and sure will also recommend them.

  • Hi Lola, I would also recommend speaking to Evergreen. I got my first nebuliser from them a couple of years ago and opted for the well known and reliable portaneb. However I later needed to get a battery operated one for keeping with me, and chose the Omron Microair U22 which is what you have. I no longer use the portaneb as the Omron is FAB :) Quiet as a mouse and mobile! I purchased the plug in adapter to use with it when Im at home to save on battery juice.

    If you have the omron, I would question whether you need another one?? Why not just get the plug in adapter for it?

    Lynda :)

  • I also use Pari portable neb

    hope you find what you need

    Rose xx

  • Like the others have already said contact Evergreen nebulisers that is where I got my nebulisers from and they were very good indeed when it came to answering my questions.

    I have a Medix AC2000 nebuliser that I use at home and I have been very satisfied with it.

    My portable nebuliser is the Philips Micro Elite which I am very happy with.

  • I have a Pari for use at home, has a battery too in case of power cuts,

    Also an Omron MicroAir in handbag.

    Evergreens is good! Please give them a call for advise.... they won't sell stuff that isn't necessary or not up to your requirements.

    I also have a Micro Elite but not over enamoured by it.... still have a Respironics Freeway Elite which they don't make any more - a good work horse..... that one lives in lounge or goes away with me...

  • Sorry to jump in here but I'm due to get a neb shortly from my respiratory nurse which I know will be a huge heavy thing so have been looking at portable nebs including the philips micro elite and just wondered what about it you don't like Kate?

    I just don't want to buy the wrong thing!!

  • According to Evergreen, who I spoke to before buying my portable neb, there is no difference between the Omron microAir and the Philips Microelite - just the labelling. And I LOVE the Omron, I never use my other nebuliser now - its too big and noisy! The Omron can also be used with a mains adaptor.

    Lynda :)

  • The Omron MicroAir and the Phillips MicroElite are two different types of neubliser.... The omron is a mesh technology neb and the microelite is a compressor.

    The one that is the same as the Omron is the Medix Mirconeb, same model, different names.....

    I don't really get on with the MicroElite because of the bespoke stiff tubing and the shape of the mouthpiece... I find it uncomfortable and the stiff tubing can make it flick around especially if you take it out for a moment, you can't rest it upright even if you take the chamber off as it has a 'wheeble' bottom.

  • The Omron MicroAir and the Phillips MicroElite are two different types of neubliser.... The omron is a mesh technology neb and the microelite is a compressor.

    The one that is the same as the Omron is the Medix Mirconeb, same model, different names.....

    Oops thanks for pointing that out, got confusled with the names lol :)

  • Thanks Lynda and Kate, food for thought there.


  • Hey!! I have the omron comp air elite which is a mains, battery and in car usable and itnhad been a life saver for me. It is ancompressor so yesnit is noisey but it does the job. Im currently using as my main machine in hospital as in for other stuff other than asthma and i thought idsave the nurses going to the other side of the hospital to get me a machine!! I was recommended this by a friend and it has been a very good investment. Saved me in the woods, at concerts and at home!! Very good machine i say!!


  • Has anyone travelled internationally with their nebulizer? Are any of the nebulizers mentioned above pre-fit for different currents, for example, like a laptop where you only need a plug adapter and not an actual transformer?

    I have to go to the USA in a few weeks and will need something that works both on US and European current. Not much point in buying something there (USA) that won't work at home.

  • I have, just had to make sure I had the appropriate plug adaptor. Obviously if you travel with a portable neb this isnt a problem as its battery operated. If we travel now I have my Omron microair, I would take that instead of my mains operated portaneb.

    Lynda :)

  • I use the Pari eflow rapid. It uses batteries so is portable but also has a mains plug. This plug can be dusmantled and have the appropriate end put on for the different countries. I have travelled in various Eauropean countries with it and found it perfect.

    Alternatively you could buy an international adaptor plug that works both ways for all countries and all devices. You can get them from about 5£

    Hope you find whats best for you.

    Rose xx

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