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Go by pf or symptoms?

Opposite problem to normal!

My best pf is 430. At the moment it's around 300 in the morning, struggling to get to that when waking in the night, about 330 in the evening. Instructions from my GP say see a doctor if pf below 320.

However, if I wasn't measuring my pf I don't know if I'd be thinking about it because I haven't really had many symptoms during the day at all. I've got some kind of cold/viral infection - no blocked nose/sore throat/temp, just mucus on my chest and a headache and generally fuzzy feeling. Have been alternating between a dry and productive cough but it's not that annoying as coughs go really.

Have been waking up in the night and not being able to get to sleep again due to tight chest and breathlessness but I think that's the mucus on my chest because it only happens when I lie down, and ventolin hasn't been helping much at all when that happens.

I can just see me going to the doctor and them thinking I want antibs, which I don't if I don't need them, and I don't really feel I'm bad enough to need pred. However, my plan does say I should see a doctor now so stuck with what to do...

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I'd go see your GP and tell him/her exactly what you just said! Better safe than sorry and maybe you do need pred/antiobiotics? It's soon the weekend and you don't want to go downhill when you can't get to your own GP, OOH's just don't seem to be the same in my experience!


If the PF is low, something IS going on, even if you aren't feeling it yet. If your doctor wants you to come in based on a number alone, it basically means he wants to make the judgement call about next steps. If you feel your symptom perception is really a more reliable indicator of when you need outside involvement, that might be a good point to bring up in your next meeting with him.


I'd agree with Beth, especially if you're usually one of the 'my PF doesn't drop and this makes no sense' types like me! If it is dropping, suggests something is going on.

Meant to say I may have had that same viral illness - sounds rather like mine. I had that, was v mild and only felt rubbish for a couple of days but my chest did complain about it and today it's complaining more even though I don't seem to have the illness anymore; also while nights are not awful I do feel like my sleep is disturbed. Very confusing but given my experience I suspect it's probably affecting your chest maybe more than you think?

Also agree with Butterfly that OOH are not the same - for a start you have to explain everything to them which is the last thing you feel like when you're ill.


Hi, I don't suppose I need to add my 2p-worth really, you already have lots of good advice, but I would say definitely go and see your GP and just tell him/her what you wrote in your post. It may be that something is going on and you just don't feel it yet in which case if you get treatment now you may not feel it at all, which would be great surely :-)

Your GP has told you to go in if your PF drops to a certain level for a reason, so let him/her investigate. It is their job.

Let us know how you get on x


Hi thanks for replies.

Everyone has said what I was thinking really, but I'm hesitating because my usual GP is on maternity leave and I don't want to see a locum. Also our surgery have changed their appointment system and you now have to be triaged by a nurse to get a same day appointment rather than just ringing at the right time, and to top it off the asthma nurse I've seen in the past seems to have left and I don't know the one who's replaced him.


Hi spooky!

Pls make a gp appointment, I was the same over xmas, thought I just had a cold and wasn't 'that' bad and didn't want to go to Drs again as I seem ti spend half my life there ;-)

Should have listened to my body as I ended up in resus last weekend and turns out my cold had turned into s chest infection.

Just pop along and get your chest listened to.

Take care x


Well I did brave the locum and I do have a chest infection. It was funny because when he listened to my chest he said ""Your chest doesn't sound horribly wheezy"" - well my chest doesn't normally sound wheezy at all so hearing anything would explain the symptoms. He also asked why I haven't had the flu jab, whether I wanted it and when I said I didn't said it wouldn't make much difference now anyway - erm, I don't have flu, so it wouldn't have made any difference anyway! Also did the classic ""Have you been taking your inhalers?"" No - I've come to you asking about my asthma but I haven't thought to take my inhalers!

Actually he was quite pleasant and I have antibs and steroids so hopefully will be sorted with those.


I'm glad you've got stuff to get sorted. Best to have had it checked out.


Am glad to hear that you had quite a good experience with the locum and hopefully the pred and antibs will start to kick in and improve things soon.

Hugs for a fast recovery

Rose xx


Thanks lou and Rose.

Definitely glad I went, was feeling ok this morning but after running a couple of errands today not feeling so great, have gone white as a ghost and feel shaky, chest not too hot but glad I got the pred and abs as hopefully they will stop it getting any worse now.

I've realised something - when I'm generally unwell as well as having asthma issues, I never have a problem with doctors believing me. When I'm otherwise fine but having asthma issues (usually due to hayfever) I have problems getting anyone to believe me due to my pf not dropping much and me not wheezing. So I suppose I should stop worrying about needing to see a doctor if I've got a cold/virus.


Hi Spookymilo,

I am so pleased that you have got antibs and preds, I do hope you start to feel better soon.


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