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Problems with child not sleeping, query medication to blame???

Evening all! I am sitting here in our lounge with my 4yr old son, Leo, snuggled up in between us. He has just crept downstairs, wide awake and happy as anything, just as if it is time to get up. The thing is, he has not yet been to sleep despite going to bed at 7.30 this evening straight after his bath.

This is now a regular occurrence, in fact it is unusual if it does not happen. He does not sleep in the day at all and gets up between 6 and 7 am every morning. He also creeps into our bed every night at around 4am, which is a really annoying habit that we have been trying to break, not only because it disrupts our sleep but also I feel for our eldest son who is 6, as I am sure he feels pushed out when he comes into our room in the morning and sees Leo snuggled up between us.

The thing is, Leo was always a good sleeper until he started taking Singulair a couple of years ago. His behaviour and sleep patterns became so poor when taking it that the consultant took him off it and within a fortnight he was back to his propert sleeping patterns and lovely, placid nature again. It was clearly the medication that made him change. He has now been taking Seretide for several months and gradually the sleep disturbance pattern has resurfaced. I am sure it is no coincidence and just wondered if anyone has had this kind of problem with their child on Seretide?

A change in his behaviour always very noticeable when he is on a course of prednisolone but I know that is to be expected and luckily he hasn't had any for a few months now.

I just wish he could get to sleep at a reasonable time, bless him. He is sitting here now looking so adorable and cuddly but I feel sorry for him as I just feel it can't be any good for him to have so little sleep every night!


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My son is on seretide and apart from a few bad dreams he's been fine sleep wise once he's actually asleep! Everyone is different though and if you've noticed a pattern then it could well be the seretide causing his sleep disturbances. Once Ryan was settled on seretide he was fine but in the beginning he was still waking out of habit where he was used to waking up coughing or wheezy.


My daughter was prescribed Singulair about 3 weeks ago and so far she is still going to sleep at her normal time (touch wood!) although I have noticed that she is getting up and coming into bed with me (well, us - but always at my side for some reason, so my husband sleeps through undisturbed grrr!) at around 3am since being on it. I hadn't thought much about that but now you've mentioned it I am wondering whether in fact Singulair is to blame as previously she never woke up before about 6.30.

Sorry Becx, I don't suppose that is much help to you!!! I have no helpful advice to offer I'm afraid. But that does seem quite a coincidence to me now I think about it. She's never had seretide though I have to say, she is still on QVAR.


donn't know about the seritide but i work in the nhs with the health visitors and have not long visited a child who has been prescribed singular for her asthma but because it caused problems with her sleeping she takes it in a morning now and has found that her sleep is fine and it seems to work.


Hi Becx

I had exactly the same problem with singulair with my son and we have tried it twice a couple of years apart with the same side effects! We also tried singulair in the morning as Katherine has mentioned but it disrupted his schooling, his teacher said he was all over the place and his concentration was zero. But once he came off it things settled down again! My son has been on seretide for a couple of years now and I he hasn't experienced any side effects but I am sure we all react differently to medication. Sorry I can't be of any help, I just hope things settle down for you and you can all start to get some sleep!

Clare x


This is really interesting as my son had a terrible experience with singular, sleep walking and night terrors, but my daughter has always been fine with it ,


I'm so pleased I came across ths post! My son has always been a terrific sleeper, he is on the salbutamol and clenile inhalers, the doctor prescribed him minkulast singular last summer. He has been waking all through out the night for months and being pretty much wide awake, then being miserable all day because he is so shattered. After reading these posts I have decided to take him off it, the GP said it is okay to do. We are only one night 3 and I am keeping my fingers crossed that is the reason he keeps having bad disturbed nights, last night he slept through :)

Sometimes you get more advice from these forum chats than medical professionals - thanks Mums.



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