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Thank The Lord I Found You Guys!!!!

Autumn and winter are always hard hitting months for me where my asthma is at its worst, and recently hit the lowest I have probably been in relation to my condition. What makes it worse is that some people closest to me still don't understand the severity of the condition. Especially when asthma reminds them of the character 'Piggy' From lord of the flies.

After my attack a few weeks ago I visited my doctors to see a poster for this organisation and support groups on the notice board. Accepting my condition probably wont ever get better that poster was a ray of light.

I think that the information that this website provides people such as myself and close family and friends of those who know someone that suffers from the condition is amazing. I really hope it makes a difference.

I can't go a day without needing my reliever and constantly wake up not breathing most nights. The fact that i've been browsing this site for 30 minutes and found that there are many people like me out there is a great comfort. I get so tired of fighting on a daily basis for my life and don't feel as strong fighter as I used to be; and this site has just given me a little ray of hope.

I hope this site continues to help people and raise awareness of Asthma.

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Welcome. And here's hoping you will feel better soon, despite the hard times.

I'm also new here and have found this site very helpful as I am working though a rather lengthy exacerbation and also doing a lot of re-thinking how I approach asthma in the future.


Welcome! :-)

I've been using the forums nearly a year now and have found it a great place for info, support and friendship.



Hi :-)

I'm new here too, and I only wish I'd found it months ago! It's already been very helpful and made me feel that I am not alone.

Look forward to seeing you on here x


Hello and Welcome to the forum.

I do hope you start to feel better soon.


Hi there and welcome. I've used this site on and off since ny diagnosis in 2010, and found it extremely helpful as I have noone on the 'outside' who can relate to how I'm feeling. I am going through a rough patch at the minute and everyone is so supportive. Hope you find it as welcoming and informative as I did xxx


Hello and Welcome!

ive also used ghis site on and off for a few years now and it is very supportive and friendly people.

i do hope things start to improve for you soon.

Rose xx


Hey there!!

Massive welcomes!!

Hope u find this website as fantastic as i have, been here nearly two years nownand have never regretted a moment!!

Im sure u will make great friends like i have!!



Aphroditesgift, welcome to the forum, glad you found us :)

I found this forum soon after I was diagnosed with asthma but didn`t have the medication that I needed, I really was on my last legs but ater a couple of phone calls to the asthma nurse mentioned on this forum and as she advised me, I went to my doctor and asked for what I needed, I now have my asthma controlled to a level that I can cope with.

All thanks to this forum and it is helpful to know that you`re not alone :)

I hope you feel better soon, I`m sure all this rain isn`t helping us :(


Thanks for the welcomes. I wasn't sure how many people would respond. It's great to know that there's a large support network out there other then the family and friends. It's good to have people about that understand. I hope to make some good friends along the way both online an around the Southend area as there's no group set up around there as of yet?

Thanks again for the warm welcome :)



It's a fab place isn't it. I've learnt so much to help me with my asthma and made some great friends too. It's so good to have the support of people who understand and have so much knowledge.


We are all in the same boat so ask away. I am interested about the poster. My GPs have no information on show and hasn't for years. However the care I have received has been top draw.


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