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Help! House full of mould and mildew

So today while cleaning my bedroom I found a HUGE colony of mould/mildew. It takes up my entire sash window and most of the walls around it, and the stench/dampness had spread into the boxes of clothes that were in front of it for about a metre. The window has been getting like it for a little while now but I wasn't sure what to do about it, but now the whole thing is black and the wallpaper has peeled off the surrounding wall. I've just discovered that the window also leaks, so rain has been getting in and dripping down the wall.

After I moved everything that was nearby, it was so strong once the spores got into the air that it gave me the worst asthma attack I've had in about 3 years. I still feel pretty bad.

Does anyone have experience of dealing with a mildew problem in their house? I'm thinking I couldn't use conventional mould removers as it would aggravate my asthma something chronic, so does anyone know anything safe for asthmatics to use? I really need to get rid of all this mould as my bedroom isn't really habitable right now!

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I'm not sure about removing mildew that bad. I've have had a damp house, it's old stone walls are quite cold so got condensation and then mould on them until I bought a dehumidifier. With the not so humid air in the house I don't get condesation and mildew on the walls anymore. When I got the dehumidifier I wiped the walls down with an antibacterial/anti mildew spray cleaner to clean the mould off. This was probably about 8 years ago now and I've not had problems since.


hello and welcome to the forum!

i think what lou said about a dehumidifier sounds like a good plan. other than that it would be major repair work. thats what got done in our house recently in one shower room where it was really bad. it was also due to leaks so first got the roof fixed. then tore down all the mouldy/rotten placco and put up new ones. but obviously the room wasnt useable for a few weeks at that time...

sorry i cant be of much help.

Rose xx


hi flamingice

bleach mixed with water is a good wash to get rid of mould

do you have someone who could wipe everything down for you to get rid of it?

but the window will need repairing, is it your own property or do you have a landlord?

we have had so so much rain this year :(

hope you sort it out soon and feel better soon


Thank you.

It is my parents house, I have just moved back in with them due to financial troubles and that was when we noticed the mould in my bedroom that had been unused for a while.

Today my mum used HD mould spray on the whole thing while I left the house for a few hours, it's done a great job. The window needs a bit of repair work with filler etc but it's a lot better now.

Thanks for the tip about the dehumidifier, I bought a cheap one in the sale from Robert Dyas while I was out. My lungs felt horrible this morning and my chest was really tight, but hopefully now the majority of mould is gone and with the dehumidifier this will help.


its good to know that youve started to sort things out. hopecully youll see an improvement in the asthma soon!Rose xx


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