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What to do when your child's asthma IS under control for once?!!

Hi all,

It has been a while since I've posted and that is partly because Leo has been doing so well (fingers and toes crossed). My husband and I have spent the last few months almost waiting for an asthma attack to come along and cause havoc again but since his last one in July he has nothing apart from the odd cough which has cleared up after a day or two with a few puffs of ventolin to help along the way.

This is the longest he has gone without any type of asthma flare up since he was diagnosed over two years ago and we put it down to the Seretide which he started in April or May, can't remember which.

His last hospital admission for 3 days was in April, and his last asthma attack was inJuly which we managed to control at home with preds and inhalers.

My question is what should we do now? His consultant saw him in August and said he was happy with how he was doing and just left it at that but that he would be happy to still allow him open access to the ward and to see him again in Jan/Feb if necessary. Our GP is keen to get him off Seretide and back onto Clenil for some reason but I don't think is is what the consultant would advise. Our GP even wrote Leo a prescription for a Clenil inhaler back in November, suggesting we swap onto it for a month and see what happened!!!! Is it just me or is that slightly irresponsible on his part? I thought you were meant to wean off Seretide gradually as it says in the leaflet?

I also thought it was a silly time of year to suggest doing this, with the colder weather and the cold and flu season (Leo has the flu jab but still..)

I thought the point of taking things like Seretide was to keep asthma under control so surely if he stops having it the risk of him going back to his old pattern of regular attack will recur?

I know no one can give medical advice on here and I will get Leo another appointment with his consultant but I just wondered if anyone has any similar experiences?


Rebecca :)

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Its great to hear its under control. Must be a relief although I'm sure you never fully let your guard down still. My youngest was settled early last year on clenil 100 but the gp wanted to step down and we never recovered. Since then he's been worse than ever and is now on seretide and needing pred often too. I really wouldn't let the gp do anything without the consultants say so especially from our experience.

Fingers crossed things stay controlled for you guys.


I think this proves that the Seretide is working very well as a preventer which is what the ultimate aim is of asthma control... I would try to ensure he stays on the Seretide....

Can you phone your consultant? also suggest to GP that the cons fiddles with his meds not him!





I was on seretide for about 14 years and it managed my asthma brilliantly for all that time but I know that it is a very expensive med in comparison to some others so beware the gp may (and I say may but I am always suspicious) be wanting to change due to cost implications.....

Might not be but just a thought.

I only changed from seretide when my asthma became brittle .

Really glad to hear Leo is doing well!!!!



Hello and thanks for the quick responses, I do love this forum because it always helps to reinforce your beliefs and make you feel more confident in your decisions etc.

I did try to call the consultant the week before Xmas but his secretary said he was away for two weeks so I will call again next week.

I totally believe that Seretide is responsible for controlling Leo's asthma so well due to the fact that in the twelve or so months before he was put on Seretide he had 5 courses of preds from the age of two to three! The day after he was prescribed Seretide he ended up on the ward for 3 days (just an unlucky coincidence, the cons couldn't believe it as he'd only seen him the day before in his clinic, fighting fit) and was given a month's maintenance preds. Since then, in contrast, he has only had to have it once in 8 months!

I will let you all know what the cons says!

Good luck and Happy New Year to you all.

Rebecca :)


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