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Flu-like illness

Just curious - anyone had the flu jab and caught something that's like flu? I've acquired some lovely virus that feels like a mild case of flu. It's not a cold as started with feeling rubbish/achy and now is busy going to chest and making me cough, but no nose/head symptoms.

Guess it could just be a random virus but curious to see if anyone who has had the jab is having/has had anything similar - hope not! Have been doing fairly well recently so hoping it will just be a few days and not too bad on chest.

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Sorry that you aren't very well, i hope you start to feel better soon.


I had something like this earlier in the year. No symptoms of sinusy things, headaches etc. but had aches and general felt a bit rubbish. It did go to my chest and lungs went pretty crappy and pf down to 200 (best 520) so felt pretty awful. Just some random virus though.

Flu jabs don't protect against all flus though, I think they put three or four viruses (dead/inactive ones) in so it doesn't protect you from many viruses at all, and of course, some colds and other viruses feel pretty rubbish.

I hope you're feeling better soon and chest doesn't get too bad.


Philomela, sorry you're feeling so rough but, sadly, you're not alone! I know so many people who have had some sort of virus that makes them feel lousy for several days, with muscle and chest pain, headache, fever etc., with have sinus problems, sore throats and/or cough. Some of them have had the flu jab and others haven't.

Personally, I'm going to lock myself in the house and not come out until they've all got over it, 'coz I've seen how rough it's made them and I don't want to play!

Hope you feel better soon.



Thanks everyone! Hope you're doing ok and don't encounter whatever this is.

tbh it's not too bad, though I've had my mother on the phone doing the usual mother sort of thing, and inhaler frequency is increased. So far it's not as bad as having swine flu, which is a good thing since I wouldn't need to use these forums if I hadn't caught that and I have no desire to ramp things up any further... Clearly there is SOMETHING going round which is like flu, though I hope it isn't. I had a cold a couple of months ago which was pretending it was flu but I knew it wasn't as I also had a streaming nose and other cold-like things.

Annista, I think this is a sensible policy. I thought I was doing so well with my slightly OCD hand-washing as well (mainly because I wanted to avoid norovirus, wrongly figured the jab would stop me getting this sort of thing).


Hope you're feeling better soon Philomela.

I'm feeling rotten, I have sinus pain, streaming nose, chesty productive cough, muscle aches and hot/cold spells and I had the Flu jab, but I don't think this is the 'flu. There seems to be loads going around at the moment, I think trying to avoid it is futile!!


Ah thanks for that Stray - I knew it mutated hence the need for a yearly one but had no idea it could mutate THAT quickly! i had the jab start of Nov which was why it was puzzling as mostly you see the 'I had the jab but got flu' explained as it needing time to take hold, so if you have it late in the season you can also get flu because you're not yet protected even after the jab.

But this all makes sense - hopefully will mean it doesn't last long or get bad! I'm not feeling too great but am just well enough to feel bored at staying in the house so much. I need to do a stats worksheet for my masters but using this as an excuse to put it off... ;)

Butterfly, I don't know what you have but it sounds much nastier than what I have what with all the extras, so I hope you feel better soon!


Philomrla and Butterfly sorry to hear youre both feeling rubbish. hope things improve soon!

even though its always been known i had some sort of lung disease when i was young i never got the flu jab as my parent had both got it one year. they both got really bad flu like symptoms directly after jab. then both got bad flu again later that winter. though flu symptoms are often experienced to a certain degree dorsctly after jab. and other flu is maybe explained by what Stray said.

since being 18+ ive had the jab and never had a problem at least with seasonal flu. had swine flu kab amd then got it anyway (just felt normal flu rubbish but got isolated in chest ward on O2 for two weeks as a precaution ;-)

anyway hope you alanage to stay/get well.

sorry fpr the rubbish typing. my only internet is phone...

Rose xx


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