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choosing bed mattress

We're in the process of changing our daughter's bedroom from nursery to ""big girl"" room and so will be buying a single bed (she's in a toddler bed at mo). Would you suggest anything I should take into consideration when choosing mattress? I've been looking at anti allergy ones-is that a wise move?

Lol I realise this it's very random! Worth asking though!

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Hi FionaM

I guess it really depends on what triggers her asthma. If she's allertic to housedust mite then it might be a good idea. Having said that, I react strongly to housedust mite and was looking at changing my own fairly new mattress but I got one of those nice anti-allergy mattress covers instead(I believe Silentnight does one, check on Amazon)and now I've decided to leave it a while. Maybe, if she reacts very strongly, an anti-allergy mattress and cover might be in order.

Not very helpful, really - sorry!


Good point re knowing her triggers - if she's not particularly triggered by dust mites then it's probably not worth really going overboard with the anti-allergy things; I have never really had an issue with mattresses/bedding (the cat under the bed when I was a kid, even though I didn't think I was allergic to cats and am not normally, was more of an issue).

Slightly off your original topic, but if your daughter definitely is allergic to dust mites you should try putting her soft toys in the freezer for a few hours! Sounds mad I know, but when I was first diagnosed at age 7 I had tons of soft toys and as they didn't know if dust mites were an issue for me then, the asthma nurse advised my mum to put the toys in the freezer for a bit as she said that would kill the mites. Though easier said than done if she has one she won't part from - my mum had to do it secretly while I was at school as she was worried about my reaction.


If she's triggered by house dustmites then I would advise an anti allergy one or at least an anti allergy cover. My son has everything anti allergy now he's in a big boy bed as he reacts to dust. No idea if it's helped as we don't have anything to compare it to but its not done any harm. Oh and I agree with the airing of new mattresses. We all have memory foam and they do smell a bit chemically at first. Not great if you react to strong odours.

Hope she enjoys her new bed and stays in it!!


Thank you all. I suffer from urticaria and last year bought the anti allergy mattress cover so I would def consider that for her. The only trigger we are aware of is common cold. I am allergic to house dust mites.

Good info about airing the new mattress, I might look into buying it now as we need to wait until we save from next month's wages to be able to get both the bed frame and mattress but can get one or the other at the moment - Gotta love post festive lack of funds lol


i used to be a furniture buyer and have always been really pleased with the silentnight range- they have some fantastic quality mattresses out there and a lot of they are hypoallergenic , anti dustmite and odour and chemical free if your looking for recommendations i would start there .


i just thought id add that regarding anti allergy/dust motes bedding there is a large range. you can buy mattress duvet and pillows that are already treated or whatever it os they do. or you can buy mattress covers (i would advise a full zip up as opposex to sheet type) also anti allergy covers for pillows and duvet to put beneath the normal covers. also it is useful to put teddys and pillows in sealed plastic bags in the freezer for a few hours as this actually kills the dust mites.

hope you find what youre looking for ;-)

Rose xxx


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