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Snotty nose & EIA

My asthma is often triggered by exercise so I always take my reliever before doing any activity - especially outdoors in the cold.

This morning i've been out for a run and did 5 1/2 miles in just over an hour with the group who i run with. Normally i only do about 4 miles but cos there was only a few of us today we all did the same route and i'm pretty sure we went faster than i normally would too

I had to take my reliever after the run and i've had the typical chesty cough all day which i expected. What's annoying me more is that my nose is running past itself (it obviously hasn't realised i've stopped!)I think i've noticed this before when i've been running but cos i've pushed myself harder than normal today it's REALLY obvious and annoying.

Anyway i was wondering if it's normal to have a snotty nose with asthma, especially exercise induced? I had no signs of a cold or runny nose before i went out this morning

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Hi jinglefairy

For me it's normal. When I run or do other exercise I get a snotty nose everytime and the colder it is the more snot there is. This doesn't last long for me after stopping exercising wether it's a short or long session. I also get clear gunk from my lungs.

I wonder if your GP could give you a nasal spray or some other advice about it. Might be worth asking at next review.

Lou x


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