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Loss of taste and smell- side effect of asthma or not?

After very recently experiencing a tight chest and wheezing, my GP has said that I have asthma. He did not perform tests of any kind but the blue ventolin inhaler seems to be helping. My question is this- I have completely lost my sense of taste and smell, is this common with asthma? Im not convinced that my GP is as interested as he could be, and my worry is that the inhaler might be masking something else (I struggled to find loss of taste or smell on any of the common symptoms for Asthma UK or NHS)

Thank you in advance


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Hi ben,

I have to say I've not heard of this as a side effect if asthma however a few years ago my mum lost her sense of taste and smell and it turned out she had nasal polyps which had to br removed surgically.




I have been asthmatic since childhood but it has only been a really big problem in the last few years (now aged 45).

I too lost taste and smell and the gp prescribed a steroid nasal spray called Nasonex which works pretty well. The only problem is that asthma symptoms are getting worse and I seem to be getting lots of bronchitis and coughing up a lot of green phlegm. Just finished yet another course of ABs and steroids! I definitely think there is a connection to asthma and losing your sense of taste and smell.

You are the only other person I have come across who might understand how upsetting it can be.

Get a nasal spray quick!


Hi Ben, approx. 80% of taste come from being able to smell the food

is your nose blocked?


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