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Fed up


I am 33 and have had asthma for a few years and have been on and off different steriods and other meds.

Two weeks ago I couldnt get my peak flow past 100 and was admitted to the hospital. I have just come out and still feel pretty rubbish. I am on predisilone, anti bots and something to bring my phelym up. But it is my back that hurts too.

Any tips on how to relieve this?



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Hi Fay

Sorry to hear that you're Asthma is bad at the moment.

I've never had a sore back with my asthma, however, a friend did send me this link ages ago.

Might be worth a try -




Hi frosty!

Sorry to hear you are struggling.

When my asthma is bad I get back pain. For me its usually either pulled muscles from all.the coughing etc or pleurisy.

I find warm baths and paracetamol are the way to go.



hi Fay!

yezs i also get sore back with bad asthma (although i also have spinal cord damage so its sometimes difficult to differentiate the two). i find simple painkillers such as paracetemol and a hot water bottle often help.

sorry to hear that youre going through a rough patch at the moment. i do hope things improve for you soon. feel free to pm me for a chat or a rant ;-)



If the pain is broadly in the area of your lungs (ie not down the middle of your back but left or right side, front or back) it may well be pleurisy. This is when the linings become irritated, inflamed and 'rub' when you breathe in and out, so deep breaths make it feel worse. It can vary from mild to excruciating!

Hope it improves for you soon,

Lynda :)


Thanks for the posts everyone.

I feel so fed up, havent been out of the house and christmas has been rubbish.



its frustrating when it takes time to improve isnt it.. I was in Papworth for 10 days, until 8.30pm Christmas Eve so cut it fine! Still not leaving the house unless its by car with my husband though and struggling to do anything around the house.

It will get better... takes time ;)

Lynda x


sorry things are tough at the mo and that christmas was rubbish. but as nurse furby said these things need time to improve and patience is a virtue ;-)

my sister in law was in AandE on christmas day. she thought she had a flu that went to the chest. turns out it was pleurisy. anyway my bro and her just decided thay would have an official christmas this uear to celebrate properly when she is feeling more up to it. just thought id float the idea?...

i do hope you start to feel better soon. wishing you a.prompt and good recovery.



delaying christmas is a good idea - it'll give you something to look forward to

in 2004 my mum was in hospital over christmas (19th-30th december!) so we moved christmas to Easter instead - i put up a small christmas tree with a few baubles, put the cards back up on their strings and we had a christmas dinner - it was really nice and we less felt like we'd missed out.

i do hope you're feeling better soon xxx


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