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New to this, my 2 year old has viral asthma /wheeze. Been in hospital 4 times and on montalukast, Cleni 100 steroid inhaler, salbutamol & Predisonel when he shows signs of cold. Consultant suggested use of Azithromycin antibiotic on short term basis to help his asthma, as this week after 5 days of pred and 10 puffs of Salb for 5 days plus the cleni and montalukast, he is still coughing and sneezing. Has anyone tried a short course of antibiotics and did it make a difference?

I feel so helpless and have taken him out of nursery to stop him getting colds and tried everything.

Wills Mummy

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Thomas had that antibiotic last time he was in hospital but they thought he might have some kind of lung infection and even if he didn't said it would help to prevent him getting one while he was getting better. He only had a 5 day course. It must have made a difference, he got better but it is difficult to say for definite because he is on a lot of other medications as well. The antibiotics may treat any slight infection he could have and if there is no infection they will hopefully prevent him getting anything else.

I had been contemplating taking my son out of nursery as I have the same situation :(



I have been taking Azithromycin for 10 months and when I first started taking it it made a massive difference, my symptoms settled well and I was able to take up gentle exercise again.

It has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties .

I do hope your son is feeling better very soon.



Thank you both. Just seems a lot of medication for a 2 year old. I can't tell difference between an asthma cough and recovery cough. Will been on Predisonel 5 days and still has a cough and sneezing. Doc told to stop the pred and carry on with salbutamol, he has been on 10 puffs every 4 hours for 7 days now including the 5 days of Predisonel. I just don't know what's going on and waiting on a tight rope.


I have some idea how you must feel about the medications my son is on seretide, Nedocromil, flixonase, montelukast and the ventolin usually and at the moment is on day 3/5 of pred and day 3/10 of co-amoxicliv. My son is almost 3. He is currently on a reducing salbutamol plan following his hospital admissions with nebulisers. He is on 8 puffs every 4 hours today and still doesn't seem great but I need to be patient let the pred and antibiotics work.

Has he been admitted to hospital while he's been unwell or had a chest X-ray? Thomas's chest X-rays are usually clear but his last two admissions the X-rays have shown signs of infections which have caused his breathing to worsen.


Hi there. He has been in hospital but they won't X-ray as keep saying its viral wheeze and say an xray is more harmful for him and won't label him as having asthma, even though our consultant is of the view that it is and Will responds to salbutamol and pred. the hospital registrars keep telling us its a viral wheeze only but today our consultant prescribed azethmycin for 5 days, without X-ray, so hopefully the cough will clear. It's exhausting as getting up middle of night every 4 hours. Bet you know that already with Thomas, really hope both boys get through this before Christmas. It's so confusing knowing when its the end of a cold and the start of a new one.


Haha they love to call it viral wheeze don't they that's what they always try to tell me what Thomas has and argue that Thomas doesn't have asthma. His consultant has says it is asthma and he is the respiratory and allergy specialist so I'm going with what he says Thomas also attends his asthma clinic ;) Although saying that they were a lot more precautions this time as his previous admission he ended up being moved to HDU and put on IV salbutamol because the nebulisers didn't work he gets very ill very quick.

I do struggle with the disturbed nights, I broke down the other day when he was admitted as was finding things had got on top of me. I feel knackered all the time. Thomas hasn't slept through in almost 2 years because the asthma and some of his other problems most nights he wakes up at least 3-4 times if not more.

I really hope they are both better for Christmas it would nice to be able to enjoy it without being on edge. Hopefully for you the antibiotic will kick in quickly and at least it takes you up to Xmas day



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