Effects of abruptly stopping symbicort

I accidentally ran out of Symbicort (I take 400/12 4x daily) a few days ago. I find it hard to tell when the canister is empty. I know it's stupid to let it run out and I don't usually.

For the last couple of days I've been feeling really under the weather, flu symptoms, but I don't think it is flu because I am not that ill. I am wondering whether stopping the symbicort could have that effect?

Interestingly my chest hasn't been too bad.

Just wondered whether anyone else had had similar experiences?

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  • Hi - I thought that it just happened to me because when I mention it to the Drs they look at me as if I'm talking rubbish. If I run out of Symbicort I get aches and pains for a day or so until I have taken a couple of doses of Symbicort again. It doesn't seem to affect my breathing either.

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