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green and bloody phelm surey means infection

Hello everyone i have had this awful cough for 2 weeks day and night, Went first time to the doctors 4th Dec as she had no voice at all and was very wheezy. doctor said she had viral laryngitis but chest was clear so fair enough take inhalor 6 puffs eveery 4 hours, no phelm at this point. by the thursday she was coughing up greeny, bloody phelm everytimei coughed which was pretty much constant, so went back the next day friday thinking for sure it was deffo going to be settled on my chest. the doctor checked again and said it was still not on my chest but as my voice had came back she said i had viral bronchitis so the infection was in my tubes, got told to return on the mon and to carry on with the inhalors but 6 - 10 puffs every 4 hours. I returned on the monday as still no better to be told still chest was clear so nothing to be done and it will just go.

nearly 2 weeks later i know coughs can linger around and dont get me wrong i know it can take a long time but should there still be coloured phelm. my energy energy levels are backeven though still sometimes gasping for breath and still on 6 puffs every 4 hours at and coughing pretty much constant I know its only been a week since last seen the doctor but do i return and dont want to be a hydrocondriact just to be told the same thing it's a virus and it takes its time, i just think the colour should be improving . really not sure as surely the colour should be returing to clear by now. know its from chest as i can feel it moving everytime i cough and nose is clear.

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I'm no doctor but my gp always treats yellow or green phlegm with antibiotics as this is sugn of infection.

I'd go back and at least ask if wont give antibiotics ti have chest x ray to be sure its not infection.

Green phlegm and blood is usually sign of very bad infection to my knowledge.



I'd go back too and maybe book in to see a different doctor if you can. I agree you sound like you have an infection but I know my own GP does like to leave it a few days to see whether it is viral (and I'm likely to fight it off on my own) or a secondary bacterial infection (need antibiotics).

I moved just over a year ago and have a new GP, and I've learnt now not to go till I've been ill for at least a week and have a temperature, otherwise no chance! My old one had asthma herself and was more keen to prescribe antibiotics to asthmatics (compared to my current GP) and would always give then at the first signs of chest infection.

Good luck :)


I agree with Angelica and also like EmC I'd sugest seeing a different doctor. You shouldn't be left to suffer with an infection like that, especially as an asthmatic, it's dangerous.

I hope you get some better treament soon so that you can recover. x


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